Ramblings of a tired Gremlin (2)

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When the moment we are born, our families and parents teach us their beliefs, expecting us to fully believe them and to always respect their beliefs… But as we grow older, we start to develop beliefs that are different than their own… Why do we always expect our families to unconditionally support us, when we don’t even unconditionally support them?

Why are gendered bathrooms so pointless when it comes to a person’s internal sense of their gender? Are they reserved for cisgender people or are they just created to keep upholding systemic transmisia/phobia, or are they just a product of the cissexist, patriarchal and bigoted environment? Why are some people so stuck in the biblical times when there’s plenty of resources to educate themselves and when there are many conferences and/or events they can go to educate themselves? Why are they afraid of people who love being their own unique and march to the beat of their own drum?

When we use everyday ableist and sanist words in the language we communicate in everyday, do we even have purely bad intentions or are they just a result of the ingrained bias previous generations before us? Why do we end up harming others without realising the consequences of our words before it’s even too late to realise? What in the damn hell is wrong with NTs who try to throw their “self-love”, “growth”, “work on”, and “healthy/unhealthy” bullsh*t when it comes to life, relationships, and navigating everything besides them in general?!?!?! IS OUR SENSE OF MENTAL HEALTH AND SELF A F*CKING JOKE TO THEM?!?!?!?!?!

When there’s the thing such as radical “”self-love””, isn’t that some ironic anti-thesis to the fluid, realistic and anarchist “self-acceptance”? I genuinely wonder what the hell happened to enabling others to keep being themselves to spite society, because it doesn’t damn look like it anymore (since there’s the contradiction that someone feels bad about themself falsely equating to “insecurity” and not “working on” themself, which is complete bullsh*t because if that someone is the opposite of feeling bad about themself, such as being “confident” with themself and “loving” themself, then they’re perceived as “selfish” and as a “narcissist”, even though the term “narcissist” demonises those dealing with “narcissism” in their own selves and especially how they’re wrongly perceived by both the public and by citizens of the internet [commonly referred to as “netizens”], like NT SOCIETY AND SELF-LOVE BASTARDS CHOOSE F*CKING ONE!!!!!!!!)…

Everyday you see ableists and saneists proving time and time again that they’re the ones “superior” because of the amount of institutional and social power they possess, yet they demonise many people, including us, on our justifiable anger and bloodthirsty rage towards them for tone-policing, action-policing, and antagonising all of us only for existing and for not conforming to their disgusting neurotypical norms that not only harms us, but also harms others because no one has to be Black, Indigenous, a Person of Colour, Muslim/Jewish/Pagan (etc.), MOGAI, Disabled (etc.) or ND/Autistic to experience this bullsh*t because anyone, regardless of where their privileges and oppressions intersect, can also experience this and are also thrown under the bus. Why can’t they ever leave society alone with their BS?! Why have they preached their “self-development”, “self-help”, “self-love” and other neurotypical self-improvement shit just to make themselves seem like they’re “holier than thou”?! WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK IS HAPPENING WITH THEM AT THIS POINT?!?!?!?! WHY DAMMIT?!?!?!?!

Why have our communities internalised the “peace and love” mindset when it doesn’t necessarily benefit some people, nor does it help every single person in their day to day life? Why haven’t we, as humans, researched the detrimental sides and consequences of this neurotypical self-help, self-development and improvement and self-love dogma? We could’ve also done that instead of expecting everyone to have cookie-cutter like beliefs when it comes to self-preservation and self-acceptance, but some NTs are too obsessed with their “self-help/improvement” and “self-love” sh*t, and this is one reason why we can’t have nice things.



[They/He/Xe]|Autistic| This is a safe space for you to read in the comfort of your home! You can find my ko-fi at: https://ko-fi.com/ravenfridmar43791

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[They/He/Xe]|Autistic| This is a safe space for you to read in the comfort of your home! You can find my ko-fi at: https://ko-fi.com/ravenfridmar43791